Corbett’s Hotel Choices a Secret

By: Andrew Staub - PA Independent » 9/15/2014 » Articles, Security

But Marc Bourne, vice president of the Know It All Intelligence Group, said it makes sense that Corbett’s travel records would be redacted. His firm provides executive security to private people and government officials, and Bourne said dignitaries will often use the same hotel when traveling.

That practice allows a security detail to become more familiar with the accommodations, the layouts and exit strategies, which can reduce the amount of scouting the security team must do, Bourne said.

Revealing information about the hotels that a dignitary uses could allow anyone wishing them harm an opportunity to do the same advance work, Bourne said.

“Generally, whenever you’re protecting a dignitary, you want the element of surprise,” Bourne said.

When asked about the difference between hotel stays and public events, Bourne said that security details will prepare differently for public events, which always have the possibility of including protesters, opposition or threats.

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