Can Social Media Antics Hurt Job Prospects?

By: John Donvan & Dan Lieberman - ABC News Nightline » 1/9/2012 » Articles, Social Media, Video

Mark Bourne, the vice president and co-founder of Know It All Intelligence Group in Bensalem, Pa., which runs background checks on job applicants for other companies, said that the digital dirt they dig up could cost applicants the job. He said students especially, even high school students looking to get into college, need to be aware of how they present themselves online.

“[Employers] are looking to see how the applicant portrays themselves online, whether they are professional online, whether or not they are going to be a good fit for the company, and along the way, if there happens to be dirt, and then they will want to know,” Bourne said.

He said he believes that many students don’t understand the risks involved in posting videos of themselves partying on YouTube or posting photos of themselves drinking or doing drugs on Facebook.

“They haven’t seen the repercussions yet of the missed job position or the missed entry into a college because of what they post online,” Bourne said.

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