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Video: Was Anthony Weiner Sexting Guccifer?

11/3/2016 » Privacy, Social Media, Television

Danielle Masterson from WHDT World News gets input from Cyber Intelligence Expert Marc Bourne on the latest Anthony Weiner Scandal.

Video: Using Yik Yak to Make Online Threats

12/17/2015 » Privacy, Safety, Smartphones, Social Media, Television, Video

Recently Yik Yak, an anonymous social network app has been in the news recently due to posting of threats to college campuses across the country. Here, we will break down what Yik Yak is, why it’s so popular and why it’s really not anonymous.

Bad behavior at fraternities has some questioning the system

3/20/2015 » Articles, Background Checks, Social Media

The secret Facebook page where members of Kappa Delta Rho at Penn State University allegedly posted and commented on pictures of naked, unconscious women is just the latest in a spate of publicized incidents that have cast a shadow over fraternities nationwide. The controversies, including racist singing at the University of Oklahoma and allegations of hazing at the University of Houston, have triggered deep soul-searching on campuses in recent days as administrators and students seek answers to stop the bad behavior. But they’ve also led to larger questions about Greek life itself, whether the campus organizations have become incubators for dangerous behavior and whether the problem has gotten so bad that some students should rethink membership — or at least… [read more »]

Could Videos of College Party Antics Backfire?

10/15/2013 » Articles, Social Media

“They haven’t seen the repercussions yet of the missed job position or the missed entry into a college because of what they posted online,” warned Marc Bourne, vice president at Know It All Intelligence Group.

Video: Is Partying Online Hurting Your Job Prospects?

1/9/2013 » Social Media, Video

Expert says more employers are looking at how applicants portray themselves in social media.

What is privacy? As job-seekers are judged by their tweets and Facebook posts, uncertainty abounds

5/3/2012 » Articles, Privacy, Social Media

Marc Bourne is vice president and cofounder of Know It All Intelligence Group, a Bensalem company that performs employment background screenings for employers. Most of his clients stick with the traditional review of public records. But a growing number want a social media hunt. He says the best protection against a poor online image is the privacy setting. “You’ll have nothing to worry about,” he says. What about prospective employers who request passwords? Bourne and others say that such stories are rare occurrences that grab the headlines. Employers interviewed for this story said they would never make such a demand.

Can Social Media Antics Hurt Job Prospects?

1/9/2012 » Articles, Social Media, Video

Mark Bourne, the vice president and co-founder of Know It All Intelligence Group in Bensalem, Pa., which runs background checks on job applicants for other companies, said that the digital dirt they dig up could cost applicants the job. He said students especially, even high school students looking to get into college, need to be aware of how they present themselves online. “[Employers] are looking to see how the applicant portrays themselves online, whether they are professional online, whether or not they are going to be a good fit for the company, and along the way, if there happens to be dirt, and then they will want to know,” Bourne said. He said he believes that many students don’t understand… [read more »]

7 Tips to Prevent Social Media From Ruining Your Career

1/9/2012 » Articles, Social Media

Marc Bourne is the vice president and co-founder of Know It All Intelligence Group, a nationwide employment screening and corporate investigations firm. He regularly speaks to youth organizations regarding the pitfalls of social media, and he offered these tips for protecting your online image. A Note From Marc Bourne: Now, more than ever, social media background checks are being used as a piece of the screening puzzle to determine the character of a candidate. Colleges, universities, private and public employers are all starting to see that there is a wealth of valuable information available about their applicants on the Internet. The best thing about this information is that not only is it written in the applicant’s own words, but oftentimes… [read more »]