Video: Using Yik Yak to Make Online Threats

12/17/2015 » Privacy, Safety, Smartphones, Social Media, Television, Video

Recently Yik Yak, an anonymous social network app has been in the news recently due to posting of threats to college campuses across the country. Here, we will break down what Yik Yak is, why it’s so popular and why it’s really not anonymous.

5 Sneaky Smartphone Spy Tricks

10/30/2013 » Articles, Smartphones

2) Text wisely You’ve heard of SnapChat, a secure texting app that lets you send self-destructing picture messages to other users. But it’s not actually all that secure, warns private investigator and co-founder of Know It All Intelligence Group Marc Bourne: “SnapSave (free; iOS and Android) makes it easy to save SnapChats without the sender’s knowledge.” Instead of SnapChat, Bourne suggests using a texting app with military-grade encryption standards, such as Wickr (free; iOS and Android). Wickr is similar to SnapChat—both users must have the app installed to send and receive self-destructing messages—but with extra security measures. Wickr is completely anonymous and deletes all metadata, such as timestamps, geo-location, and device information, from your photos and videos.