Employee Fraud

Carnival workers not covered under Pennsylvania criminal background checks

7/6/2015 » Articles, Background Checks, Employee Fraud, Hiring, Safety

Summertime and carnivals go together like cotton candy and kids. Almost every week, a church, community organization or fire department is sponsoring a festival promoted as old-fashioned family fun. Parents pull out their credit cards and watch as their teens gather and their younger kids run from rides to game booths to food concession stands — many of which are manned by workers hired by the carnival operator. Yet, Pennsylvania’s tougher state law mandating criminal background checks for employees and many volunteers working with children doesn’t include traveling carnival and concession operators and their employees. While a growing number of carnival operators and sponsors of local events across the nation are requiring employee background checks on their own due to public safety concerns,… [read more »]

How Small Business Owners Can Curb Employee Fraud

12/19/2011 » Articles, Employee Fraud

A system of checks and balances should also apply to inventory. “If you are a business that includes inventory, make sure your shipping and receiving departments are separate departments handled by separate employees,” advised Marc Bourne, vice president of Know It All Intelligence Group. He added that annual inventory counts should be done by a third-party vendor or an employee that is not responsible for the involved departments. In addition to separating duties and instituting checks and balances, business owners should implement new policies and standards of practice in the workplace. “We are big believers in mixing things up and adding a different flavor to policies and procedures,” said Greg Jones, CEO of BookKeeping Express, a company that provides domestically-outsourced… [read more »]