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Carnival workers not covered under Pennsylvania criminal background checks

7/6/2015 » Articles, Background Checks, Employee Fraud, Hiring, Safety

Summertime and carnivals go together like cotton candy and kids. Almost every week, a church, community organization or fire department is sponsoring a festival promoted as old-fashioned family fun. Parents pull out their credit cards and watch as their teens gather and their younger kids run from rides to game booths to food concession stands — many of which are manned by workers hired by the carnival operator. Yet, Pennsylvania’s tougher state law mandating criminal background checks for employees and many volunteers working with children doesn’t include traveling carnival and concession operators and their employees. While a growing number of carnival operators and sponsors of local events across the nation are requiring employee background checks on their own due to public safety concerns,… [read more »]

Bad behavior at fraternities has some questioning the system

3/20/2015 » Articles, Background Checks, Social Media

The secret Facebook page where members of Kappa Delta Rho at Penn State University allegedly posted and commented on pictures of naked, unconscious women is just the latest in a spate of publicized incidents that have cast a shadow over fraternities nationwide. The controversies, including racist singing at the University of Oklahoma and allegations of hazing at the University of Houston, have triggered deep soul-searching on campuses in recent days as administrators and students seek answers to stop the bad behavior. But they’ve also led to larger questions about Greek life itself, whether the campus organizations have become incubators for dangerous behavior and whether the problem has gotten so bad that some students should rethink membership — or at least… [read more »]

8 Ways to Check In On Your Nanny

7/29/2014 » Articles, Background Checks

“You should continue to do a background check on them at least once a year to make sure there have not been any changes in their status,” says safety expert Marc Bourne, of Know-It-All Intelligence Group. “When you do a background check, don’t just do a ‘national database’ found on the Internet,” he suggests. “Make sure that you are checking local court records, verifying the person’s Social Security number to see if they have used any other names and check state child abuse registries if available. If the nanny/babysitter will be driving your child, insist on doing a driving record to make sure that they are safe behind the wheel.

ABC NEWS Nightline – Is Partying Online Hurting Your Job Prospects?

1/9/2013 » Background Checks, Professional Investigations, Television, Video

Know It All Intelligence Group Vice President and Co-Founder, Marc Bourne interviewed on ABC News Nightline. Know It All Intelligence Group is a nationwide security and investigations firm specializing in employment background checks and professional investigations.

24 Tips On Hiring New Employees For Your Small Business

1/13/2012 » Articles, Background Checks, Fact Checking

Verify the Information “Our best advice for business owners is to make sure you try to know everything you can about your potential employee before you hire. This can be done by conducting a thorough interview that will not only get you answers to all of your questions that you may have, but is also a good opportunity to clarify anything on the resume. Once the interview is over, you must now “fact check”. Verify all information on the resume, as well as anything that may have popped up in the actual interview. A good background check should be conducted on all employees. Unfortunately, given this economy, some applicants will say and do anything to get a job. Statistics show… [read more »]