Carnival workers not covered under Pennsylvania criminal background checks

7/6/2015 » Articles, Background Checks, Employee Fraud, Hiring, Safety

Summertime and carnivals go together like cotton candy and kids. Almost every week, a church, community organization or fire department is sponsoring a festival promoted as old-fashioned family fun. Parents pull out their credit cards and watch as their teens gather and their younger kids run from rides to game booths to food concession stands — many of which are manned by workers hired by the carnival operator. Yet, Pennsylvania’s tougher state law mandating criminal background checks for employees and many volunteers working with children doesn’t include traveling carnival and concession operators and their employees. While a growing number of carnival operators and sponsors of local events across the nation are requiring employee background checks on their own due to public safety concerns,… [read more »]

Secret soles help you hide stuff in your shoes

4/18/2015 » Articles, Safety, Security

A night of drinking and dancing often means a hangover the next day. But a lost or stolen handbag can be another unfortunate side effect. This means no keys or wallet, and puts you at risk of identity theft and fraud. Companies have tried to tackle the problem with things like a bra with a concealed pocket and a lacy garter with a concealed fold — but who wants to dig around in their undergarments when buying a drink? Now you can tuck your stuff in your shoe, spy style. When Florida resident Carolina Ferreira was robbed at gunpoint, she stopped carrying a purse, opting to stash her essentials in her bra. But this was an imperfect solution. Stuff would… [read more »]

Bad behavior at fraternities has some questioning the system

3/20/2015 » Articles, Background Checks, Social Media

The secret Facebook page where members of Kappa Delta Rho at Penn State University allegedly posted and commented on pictures of naked, unconscious women is just the latest in a spate of publicized incidents that have cast a shadow over fraternities nationwide. The controversies, including racist singing at the University of Oklahoma and allegations of hazing at the University of Houston, have triggered deep soul-searching on campuses in recent days as administrators and students seek answers to stop the bad behavior. But they’ve also led to larger questions about Greek life itself, whether the campus organizations have become incubators for dangerous behavior and whether the problem has gotten so bad that some students should rethink membership — or at least… [read more »]

Alleged Multi-Million Insurance Fraud

1/25/2015 » Articles, Insurance Fraud

That insurers paid what a grand jury says were suspicious and fraudulent claims doesn’t surprise private investigator Marc Bourne, of Know It All Intelligence in Bensalem.“When you are dealing with some of the national insurance companies, they are handling thousands of claims on a daily basis. When it comes down to fraud, they’d rather pay out then go through a lawsuit,” he said.While there are national databases in which insurance companies can research prior losses and claims, most insurance adjusters are simply too busy to take the time to dig into each and every claim, Bourne said, adding such databases to detect red flags in claims didn’t exist 20 or 30 years ago. “As long as someone can give you… [read more »]

Corbett’s Hotel Choices a Secret

9/15/2014 » Articles, Security

But Marc Bourne, vice president of the Know It All Intelligence Group, said it makes sense that Corbett’s travel records would be redacted. His firm provides executive security to private people and government officials, and Bourne said dignitaries will often use the same hotel when traveling. That practice allows a security detail to become more familiar with the accommodations, the layouts and exit strategies, which can reduce the amount of scouting the security team must do, Bourne said. Revealing information about the hotels that a dignitary uses could allow anyone wishing them harm an opportunity to do the same advance work, Bourne said. “Generally, whenever you’re protecting a dignitary, you want the element of surprise,” Bourne said. When asked about… [read more »]

8 Ways to Check In On Your Nanny

7/29/2014 » Articles, Background Checks

“You should continue to do a background check on them at least once a year to make sure there have not been any changes in their status,” says safety expert Marc Bourne, of Know-It-All Intelligence Group. “When you do a background check, don’t just do a ‘national database’ found on the Internet,” he suggests. “Make sure that you are checking local court records, verifying the person’s Social Security number to see if they have used any other names and check state child abuse registries if available. If the nanny/babysitter will be driving your child, insist on doing a driving record to make sure that they are safe behind the wheel.

Missing Croydon Teen Found Safe

3/28/2014 » Articles, Missing Person

Xenia Majchrzak, 16, was brought home to her grandmother’s house Friday afternoon, according to private investigator Marc Bourne, co-founder of Bensalem-based Know It All Intelligence Group. Bourne, who spoke on behalf of the teen’s family, did not go into detail about the circumstances surrounding where Majchrzak was since she was reported missing on her birthday, March 18. He did add the family of Majchrzak was “very happy” she returned home and thanked the community for their concern and assistance. Bristol Township Acting Chief of Police John Godzieba said earlier in the week that a family member of the teen told an officer this week the 16-year-old could be “on the run with her boyfriend.” Information from the National Center for Missing… [read more »]

Think Juvenile Records are Sealed?

3/16/2014 » Articles

Marc Bourne of Bensalem is a licensed private investigator and vice president/ co-founder of Know It All Intelligence Group, His company does background checks for firms all over the nation, including amusement parks and other companies that hire a lot of teens. Bourne said that reputable employers don’t do their own background checking, they hire a firm like his. That’s because making a mistake could mean violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act, an error that could result in a costly discrimination lawsuit. Know It All’s employees do see juvenile records during their searches, but they do not report those findings to their clients. “Juvenile records should not be considered for employment. That’s an industry best practice,” Bourne said. “If… [read more »]

5 Sneaky Smartphone Spy Tricks

10/30/2013 » Articles, Smartphones

2) Text wisely You’ve heard of SnapChat, a secure texting app that lets you send self-destructing picture messages to other users. But it’s not actually all that secure, warns private investigator and co-founder of Know It All Intelligence Group Marc Bourne: “SnapSave (free; iOS and Android) makes it easy to save SnapChats without the sender’s knowledge.” Instead of SnapChat, Bourne suggests using a texting app with military-grade encryption standards, such as Wickr (free; iOS and Android). Wickr is similar to SnapChat—both users must have the app installed to send and receive self-destructing messages—but with extra security measures. Wickr is completely anonymous and deletes all metadata, such as timestamps, geo-location, and device information, from your photos and videos.

Could Videos of College Party Antics Backfire?

10/15/2013 » Articles, Social Media

“They haven’t seen the repercussions yet of the missed job position or the missed entry into a college because of what they posted online,” warned Marc Bourne, vice president at Know It All Intelligence Group.