Cyber Dust

PrimeTime PI, Marc Bourne, is featured on Mark Cuban’s new app, Cyber Dust.  If you would like to get exclusive tips, tricks and other valuable safety and security information, download Cyber Dust and add: +PrimeTimePI.

Cyber Dust is simply a more natural way to communicate without leaving a trail of everything you say. Messages and media disappear within seconds, never hit a hard drive and cannot be recovered. Cyber Dust keeps you in control of your content.

Here are examples of the content that Marc does not post on any other social media platform.
(These are the subjects of actual “dusts” sent to his followers)

  • Tips on how to track down the name associated with a cell phone number
  • Up to Date information on Social Media Privacy Settings
  • ‘Ask the Investigator’ Sessions
  • How to Search Public Records
  • What Information is contained in Public Records
  • Keeping your teens safe on Social Media
  • And More…